Easter Products

Easter Products. I make a huge range of chocolate eggs and shapes but they are not all listed on the webshop. If you want a special egg made or wish to find out what else I have in the shop then please do contact me.


The egg in the picture is a lovely half milk chocolate (41% cocoa solid) egg which is a thick shell and edged with fudge. This is completed with fudge bits, mini milk and white eggs and rocky road half eggs. A lovely gift which would hopefully satisfy any ardent chocolate lover.

I also make different flavour eggs with different fillings such as peanut butter sandwich eggs, lemon crunch whole egg, coffee flavoured egg as well as many more.

Also available are Easter themed shapes such as rabbits, lambs and many lollies.

Not just available in milk chocolate but you can select from milk white or dark (or a combination of all three) or diabetic, 70, 80 or 96% cocoa solids. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

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I pride myself on my work and I am always more than happy to help. If you have an enquiry or have something specific in mind please get in touch.