Edible Chocolate Images

Edible chocolate images are a great way to personalise your chocolate gift. Great for parties, weddings, corporate events, fundraising, branded promotional gifts

What are  chocolate edible images? Ever fancy your artwork on a chocolate bar? Your photo in an edible chocolate frame? A Christmas card that is delicious to eat? These and many more ideas are possible with a process that creates edible chocolate images. Edible images are made using edible ink which is flavourless. There are many images you can buy which are often printed onto rice paper, but the process used to make these on chocolate produces a different effect and will last longer albeit a bit more expensive to buy. I print your chosen image onto a meringue sheet and using white tempered chocolate to cover the image produces a vibrant result. I have tried this process on milk and dark chocolate but it does not come out well . However depending on what you make these can also be backed in milk or white chocolate.

I have been making edible chocolate images for the last 7 years and they are a fantastic personalised gift for a variety of occasions. If you are having a corporate event these can be used to make a cake topper for example. If someone has passed their driving test why not have a personalised licence plate to say congratulation. Looking for a difference to your wedding favours or even to put on top of a cake you could have a picture frame. Chocolate business cards are a great way to be remembered although always a good idea to give a hard copy business card too! Have your own branded promotional chocolate. These can be used and created for a variety of events and are the perfect addition to these occasions. 



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