Meet Pam

My name is Pamela Alexander and I originally come from East London. I moved to Cornwall 15 years ago. My working background is varied and I spent many years as a post 16 tutor.  My experience has been in the voluntary, public and private sector.

I moved to Cornwall with my young family and work was difficult to come by in my chosen area. I then retrained with the help of my family and became a Chocolatier. In 2014 my oldest daughter and I started Sweet P Confectionery. I initially wanted to call this Chocolate Desires but as the persuasion of my daughter she felt Sweet P would be more appropriate! I honestly don’t know why! Anyhow it seemed right as my name is Pamela and is from the Greek meaning all sweetness and honey…. As she is a creative person she also with the help of her husband designed the logo and colour. This fits in with the overall image of the business and gives a lovely retro feeling.

We started work from my registered kitchen at home. The only machine I had to temper chocolate was a small machine which makes 1 and a half pounds of chocolate at a time. So I made up a few products which I felt might sell and cap in hand (or in this case small basket in hand) I went to many different shops and outlets offering samples and wholesale chocolate to order. I was very fortunate in that a local business took me up on my skills and ordered for their business and from there via word of mouth we began to build the business up. I remember a wholesale order of £20 had me jumping for joy!


In a small space of time we realised we could no longer produce from my kitchen and needed a professional space to manufacture. We came across the shop in the Arcade at Bude and felt this was a good starting point and created a workspace, office and retail shop all at the same time. We opened this in May 2016.


Shortly after this my daughter and her husband decided to branch off on their own adventures and I took the business on as a sole trader.

Socialise With Us

I pride myself on my work and I am always more than happy to help. If you have an enquiry or have something specific in mind please get in touch.