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Pack of Major Arcana Tarot in white chocolate with edible image

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I was inspired by Pamela Coleman Smith who was the illustrator of these beautiful Rider-Waite pack of tarot cards  for Arthur Edward Waite. She spent her last days in Bude, Cornwall (where I currently live) and we both share the same forename. This pack of tarot was widely used by my late Mother and I felt drawn to making these up in chocolate as a testament to them both.

In 1911, Smith converted to Catholicism. After receiving  an inheritance from an uncle she was able to rent a house on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall as this was an area which was popular with artists. She rented out a home for Catholic priests and got an income from this. Her friend Nora Lake, moved to Cornwall with her and helped her to run the home. 

She eventually moved to Bude in the early 1940’s but was unable to find work. She died in debt and here possessions were sold to pay these off. She is buried in Bude, although the location is unknown.


I have made these in white chocolate (30% cocoa solids) using edible ink (which does not have a taste) and is printed on a meringue sheet. The whole product is edible. They can be purchased as a complete set of the Major Arcana or individually. If these are required individually please message me to let me know which one you would like. They measure approximately 6 x 4 cm and come finished in a pvc sleeve with the ingredients and a simplified card meaning on the back. The price is for the complete set

Please message me if you would like more information or if you feel you would like the whole pack as a complete commissioned piece of work.

  • Fool
  • Magician
  • High Priestess
  • Empress .
  • Emperor
  • Hierophant
  • Lovers
  • Chariot
  • Strength
  • Hermit
  • 10 Wheel of Fortune
  • 11 Justice
  • 12 Hanged Man
  • 13 Death
  • 14 Temperance
  • 15 Devil
  • 16 Tower
  • 17 Star
  • 18 Moon
  • 19 Sun
  • 20 Judgment
  • 21 World

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