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Chocolate Workshops – To book a private workshop please call us on 01288 350226, or send us a private message through our contact form.

Why not have a intimate 2 person chocolate workshop experience at my shop. The approximate running time will be 2 hours. This is in my commercial kitchen where you will arrive and straight away we get down to making chocolate. We previously discuss what product you would like to make as your ultimate takeaway gift.  Due to Covid it has been adapted so that the numbers in the kitchen are at their maximum (space is small).

A previous Halloween themed workshop involved learning the basics of chocolate making by creating beautiful chocolate gifts to take home. In the one hour workshop they had a go at truffle making, dipping, piping and 2 tone moulded work. Everyone left with a ribboned box of 6 milk chocolate toffee apple liqueur or toffee caramel flavoured truffles, milk chocolate dipped cinder toffee and milk & white chocolate Halloween shapes.

My workshops is suitable for adults and older children/teens (10+),  There are only 2 spaces per session.

Perfect for friends, family and chocolate enthusiasts!

*Session duration is approximate, please allow for the possibility of the session running slightly over.

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I pride myself on my work and I am always more than happy to help. If you have an enquiry or have something specific in mind please get in touch.